Big Crinkly Trio at the Spite House Concert Series, hosted by Steven Fandrich and Curated by Dick Valentine, Beth Fleenor, and Kate Olson. How great to play for friends and fellow artists! The Spite House survives as a burr under Condo-World's saddle thanks to the support of these folks-



(Photo by Bill Monto)


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Here is some video from a Sidewinder gig at Mona's-








Gallery 1412 has put together a compilation CD by its members, for the measly price of $5. It includes an unreleased recording by my late mentor Al Hood and me of the Ballad from "M.D.D.-Four 4" from "Wending".






A small part of "PK and What Army" at The Seamonster-what a great gig at a great place-

Left to right: Jon Rieser, Troy Grugett, me, Andy Coe, and Tom Varner.

More shots by Chris Davis here.  (Facebook login required.)