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(Updated January 18th, 2014)












Heading for Jack Straw Productions to start laying down about 20 things down with Big Crinkly Trio-way overdue.


Big Crinkly Trio is heading into the studio to record a CD's worth of material. For those of you under the age of 25, A CD is a disc of plastic with music digitally encoded on a reflective mask. It is decoded by a "player" utilizing a laser beam.


Played today for a work party at Pigeon Point, sponsored by the Nature Consortium (the same folks who are behind the Arts in Nature Festival every Summer). Someone actually applauded for Prince Lasha's "Music Matador"! Back next Saturday, so sign up and come on out!



Well, the new Neptune is really something-it's strange to be in the theater with all the lights on. They kept the screen and projection booth, and they can also do full-screen from a laptop. No theater chairs, but they set up chairs and tables today. Good sound-should be a pretty good venue. The Teen Feed people are the best-


Playing tomorrow (or later today-it's 3 am) at the newly refurbished Neptune Theater for TeenFeed's Volunteer appreciation party.


Learning a new Monk tune (no, I don't know them all) called "Brake's Sake". Doug Lilla found it in the new book of Monk published by Hal Leonard.


Getting ready to record "Twang" with the Seattle Jazz Composer's ensemble-a piece for 12 players dedicated to Kentucky banjoist Roscoe Holcomb. Playing on a few pieces by other composers, too, for an upcoming Bandcamp project by the SJCE. Thanks to Nate Omdal and Michael Owcharuk for their hard work .





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