Trumpet Lessons


  I've been teaching full-time in the Seattle area for over twenty-five years. My students are often featured performers in their ensembles, and several have achieved recognition in area contests and the All-State Concert band; some have gone on to play professionally 

Students of all ages and levels of proficiency are welcome, including adult beginners.

My job is to teach you to play the trumpet-any musical style you are drawn to is just fine with me. I’ll show you how to apply strong technique to any situation.

For Younger Players

    If you’re just starting  out , you’ll learn to get a good sound,  how to memorize fingerings, and how to read notes and rhythms. We’ll be sure to have fun as we go. 


More Advanced Players

  Emphasis is on breath control, flexibility, range, and endurance.

  Musically, we will develop a steady sense of rhythm, and a sure sense of pitch. There are no “tin ears”.

  We will study the music that you play, with the goal of uniting the composer’s intentions with your own musical ideas.


Jazz and Improvisation

  For students interested in this area, we will study practical  musical theory-scale forms, chord construction, harmonic progression, and compositional techniques. Emphasis is on the cultural roots of this, America's truly unique Art Music.

  My goal is to help you find your own musical identity. I will suggest listening resources in line with your interests.

  You’ll learn  musical notation, so that your ideas can be shared with other musicians.


How I run the business end of things:

    Lessons are conducted online via the Zoom Platform. Contact me at 206-446-9038, or at

    Lessons are 30 minutes in length, and are scheduled weekly. The cost is $30 per lesson, paid monthly on the first lesson day of the month.

Credits are given for lessons missed due to illness. Makeup lessons are available within the same month for other cancellations; however, there is no charge for absences scheduled at the beginning of the month.

Available Lesson Times

Teaching Aids

Tongue Level Exercises

Circle of Fifths Worksheet

Trumpet Fingering Chart

Map of Tonal Regions-Schoenberg

Trumpet Fingering Flash Cards (just match up fronts and backs, photocopy two-sided to card stock, cut 'em up, and GO).

  1f  1b  2f  2b  3f  3b  4f  4b

Here are some fun things to play:




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