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Two more-

"I'll Lick the Bees Off Your Screen Door" By Jimknodle  ASCAP. Recorded by Doug Haire for Sonarchy Radio.

"John Lee" By Jimknodle  ASCAP. Recorded by Doug Haire for Sonarchy Radio.

Thanks to Don and Empty Boat for playing these...





"The Red Turkey Fever" by Jim Knodle

Played by Don Berman's Empty Boat-additional players:

Dick Valentine, Dennis Rea, and Geoff Harper

Recording by Steven Kennedy-Williams.





"Skittles" By Jimknodle  ASCAP

From our latest show-for the Zero G Concert Series at the White Rabbit.

Thanks to John Seman for the recording. 

Lead Sheets: Concert      B Flat





Pigmeat   Played by Sidewinder on Doug Haire's "Sonarchy" on KEXP. This was a song that was played a lot in the Sixties by all the great R&B bands from the CD and Rainier Valley. (Here is a link to "Wheedle's Groove", a tribute project to that era.) If anyone knows who wrote this tune, please let me know-credit needs to be given.






"Twang" (Dedicated to the great Kentucky musician and singer Roscoe Holcomb); Composed and arranged by Jim Knodle (copyright 2011 by Jim Knodle ASCAP-all rights reserved). Recorded by Seattle Jazz Composers' Ensemble at Jack Straw Productions by Doug Haire on October 9th, 2011. What a hoot-thanks to the GREAT players. The CD is now out, for download (pay what you want) here. It's chockfull of beautiful and innovative music.






Nineteen-Eight by Jim Knodle - Copyright 2006 by Jim Knodle (ASCAP)

Played by Big Crinkly Trio (Jim Knodle, trpt; Doug Lilla, bass; Pete Turner, dr )

Chapel Performance Space, Seattle Washington-September 8th, 2012

Recorded with my Zoom H1-








Dobri Vechir Tobi  (Traditional QuantcastUkrainian, arr. by Jim Knodle). Recorded by the Slava Ensemble (Jason Parker, Jim Knodle, tpts; Beth Fleenor, clar.; Cara Sawyer, fr. horn; Michael Owcharuk, pno., director; Nate Omdal, bass; Cody Rahn, dr.).

Shepherds and Angels (Jim Knodle). Recorded by the Slava Ensemble





Another Triumph  (Jim Knodle). Played by Lynette Westendorf; from the CD "Keeping the Devil Out".





The Deep End (Jim Knodle). Played by Jim Knodle with the Don Berman Quartet.


M.D.D.-Four 4-Ballad (Jim Knodle), Performed by Cuatro (Don Berman, Jim Knodle, Gregg Robinson, and Dennis Staskowski)




Money Walks (Jim Knodle). Played by Jim Knodle, Don Berman, Andy Carr, and the late, GREAT Mark Bullis.






Goes Around, Comes Around, by Al Hood, played by Jim Knodle, Dick Valentine, and Brad Papineau. Recorded by Paul Hoskin



Penta-Gone (Jim Knodle). Played by Jim Knodle, Don Berman, and PK.

Blood Count (Billy Strayhorn) Played by Jim Knodle, Don Berman, and PK.

Nineteen (Jim Knodle). Played by Jim Knodle, Don Berman, and PK.



Carrickfergus/Bridget O'Malley. (Turlough O'Carolan/Trad.)  Played by Dina Blade (guit./voc) and Jim Knodle.




Music for a Tired Empire (Jim Knodle). Recorded by Jim Knodle, playing trumpet and khen. Traffic recorded at the Woodland Park Overpass at Aurora Avenue and the University Bridge by Jim Knodle. Commissioned by Clark Wiegman for his installation "Tired Empire", Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle WA 1993. Engineered by Doug Haire at Jack Straw Productions.







Spiritual (John Coltrane). Played by Jim Knodle and Jimmy Bennington.











London Taxi's 1967 hit, Composed by guitarist Gary McLaughlin


Pepe's Paradise, with Tahoma Hauptmann, Mike Dodge, Eric Vaughn, and Nate Omdal. Recorded by Will Dowd.










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"This Is Not About The Pecking Order" Eight new recordings of pieces by Doug Lilla and Jim Knodle-played by the trio-Doug Lilla (5-string electric bass), Pete Turner (drums), and Jim Knodle (old Selmer trumpet)-plus three by Duke Ellington, Carla Bley, and Dave Holland. Engineered by Doug Haire, recorded at Jack Straw Productions. Graphic by Doug Lilla. Yippee!





Released in 2003-three extended pieces played by Jim Knodle, Paul Sawyer, Don Berman, and Dan O'Brien, with VERY special guests Michael Vlatkovich and Lynette Westendorf.

"Progressively agile...a great debut." L.A.Emenari III- The Chicago Citizen

"Highly recommended."   Mark Corroto- All About Jazz

"...good grooves and well-penned melodies." - François Couture, Rovi 


MP3: "Wending"  

MP3: "No Before Like More"   

MP3: "M.D.D.-Four For"

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A poetry cycle by Pamela Moore-Dionne, in the form of a Ghazal (a classical Persian rhyme scheme), interspersed with music I composed for solo trumpet, solo piano (the great Lynette Westedorf), and trumpet and piano  together. Scores available by request.



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My first effort-duets with Dave Storrs-inimitable percussionist and the only person on the planet who is still talking when I run dry. This still sounds good to me.





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