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Updated October 20th,2009


Some photos of recent (or memorable) events that people have been kind enough to send along.

The Penguin.

I  was one of the jazz "ringers" (along with Paul Anastasio) for "Lullaby Moon" at Gasworks Park last summer.






Photo by John Cornicello












Recording for Dina Blade's "My Romance" CD-I think she took this picture through the studio glass-I didn't even notice-of course, I was so intent on not messing up you could have driven a truck through the studio and I wouldn't have even opened my eyes.







The Du Cavineaux Zebra Kings in action at ACT, for the Moisture Festival Late-Night Burlesque Show. We play Jazz/R&B or is it R&B/Jazz?) during the breaks, and everything from Offenbach to bump-and-grind for the performers. On tenor you see the soul-melting Damien Aitken; there's some bozo on trumpet, and the irrepressible and irresponsible Greg Powers on trombone. The guy in the blue suit with the tolerant smile is the leader, John Olufs.

This is taking up most of my time for another week, then it's back to normalcy.









The Michael Owcharuk Sextet at Jazz Alley in Seattle. From left to right: Michael Owcharuk, Beth Fleenor, Nate Omdal, Jakob Breitbach, Mike Hams, and me. What a night.








The Owcharuk Sextet at the Blue Moon. Since the state-wide smoking ban went into effect, it's now possible to actually see the walls. Pretty cool, huh?









"Now Here" at the District Lounge - every Friday for over four years! Clockwise from the drums (Jim Parsons, who sent this shot along): Mice Elf, Michael Owcharuk, Nate Omdal, and Brandon Gibbons. Mike Dodge, who is the leader, is of course off-camera.








My Gear-

Photo by Don at Litho Studios, courtesy of Dina Blade










 My new ad for the Crown Royale Distillery.







Up Against the Wall with The Yellow Hat Band










With Rosalynn DeRoos (off camera) at the Chapel (at the Good Shepherd Center). What a great -sounding room. 






With James DeJoie and the Rik Wright Quartet at Egan's Jam House.





















With Mikel Rollins and the Don Berman Quartet at Egan's.






 In fear for my life, attacked by an angry swarm of young (and not-so-young) trumpeters. Actually, our very first student recital. Great time,  no injuries.



jimknodle-Earshot pic.jpg (29693 bytes)

 Well, it turns out that the great photographer Daniel Sheehan took this, so thanks, Daniel.






 This Room, at Sil2K, April 2001. Sue Ann Harkey, guitar, and Eveline Muller-Graf playing the "boeing".





 This Room, Sue Ann Harkey.








 This Room, Bill Horist.




This Room pics courtesy of  Deron Lord.



 With Marc Smason and Perry Robinson at Zoka's.





 Lynette Westendorf wins the Northwest Regional Emmy Award for her score to "False Promises".

 (Check out the CD)





paulrucker3.jpg (351155 bytes)

 With The Paul Rucker Large Ensemble at Consolidated Works. I think this is a great shot-it captures my pixilated nature.




 A Great Day in SODO.



 FUP members Richard Robinson, Fraser Havens, me, and Steve Wanaka, performing the music of Al Hood at On the House, on June  20th,     2005.






 I explain it all to everyone. (Thanks to Lesli Dalaba for preserving this moment).



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