Duo Process at The Royal Room-"Ina Silent Way/Shhh! Peaceful


Big Crinkly Trio at Zero G's Mingus Tribute-


"They Can't Take That Away From Me",  played by Dina Blade, Hans Bremer, and me at Egan's 

Tom Waits' "Warm Beer and Cold Women",  performed by Randall Walker and Friends at Conor Byrne's annual Tom Waits Tribute Night. Nothing more fun than a honky-tonk band.









Alan Hovhaness'  "Sonata for Trumpet and Organ", performed at Amy Denio's Big Birthday Bash, June 12th, 2011. Thanks to Amy for playing this on her birthday, and to Nate Omdal for wielding his iPhone so expertly. 






Here is a performance from summer 2009, at The Museum of Glass in Tacoma, of choreographer Megan Finlay's piece "Brother". For my money, Megan really knows how to communicate a focused concept while bringing out the creativity of the artists. Big fun.

The Seattle Jazz Composers' Ensemble plays  my piece "The Antipasto Waltz" on Friday, February 19th, 2010. Soloists are Mike Dodge, clarinet; me; Scott Morning, trumpet; Aaron Jenkins, alto sax; and Nate Omdal, bass.

Rich Halley's piece "Threok"-

Here is a link to a 12-minute video about Lynette Westendorf's Sun Ra Tribute Project, featuring excerpts, produced by guitarist and videographer Terry Hunt. (Flash plug-in required.)

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